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Offshore Banking
Did you get it wrong?
Have you "forgotten" to tell the taxman about your
offshore banking arrangements - HSBC and others?
If So, you could have your  name and address
advertised by HMRC or worse prosecuted if you evaded
more than £25,000
get the necessary help from WAMS Tax Ltd

Press reports indicated that HMRC - SCI had
launched criminal investigations into two
account-holders with HSBC in Switzerland.
Previously, HMRC had only investigated
account-holders using their civil powers (Code of
Practice 9; Civil Investigation of Fraud ) -
you need to act before they come a calling on you if
you messed up.

Call Bill on 07751 720 507 now -
anytime - whether in or out of office hours
Your Offshore Banking

If you can get in first with a voluntary disclosure - as long as you make a full and complete disclosure of your
irregularities we would more than likely only be looking at a monetary settlement. However this would need
experienced brokering

Watch out for the unnecessary difficulties if you don't get experienced assistance.

I have the experience and knowledge to broker your voluntary disclosure to HMRC so that you benefit
from this approach.

Alternatively I can also apply my experience and knowledge to deal with HMRC if they have already opened an
enquiry into your liabilities and you need the enquiry managed.

Remember that you could be looking at twenty years of duties interest and penalties if you took part in the
1980's much advertised Offshore Banking opportunities.

Now is the time to deal with matters before the information lands on the Inspector's desk whether by
(a) Offshore Tax havens exchanging information
(b) Lichtenstein informants getting paid
(c) HMRC continued action against the banks
or somebody contacting the
evasion hotline

Bill Stevenson can protect your rights in any enquiry so phone    07751720507 for a confidential chat.
With your instruction
Use the
Feedback Form
to contact me with a
summary of your
Offshore Banking targeted
I will carry out a risk tax
liabilities or exposure
and discuss how  a
disclosure could be
managed to your benefit
Contact me:

HMRC are usually using the "Discovery" provisions so be
sure that you only give them
what is absolutely necessary
and to your advantage - but do not conceal or hide relevant
information  .
Tax evasion and higher risk of prosecution
"CIF" & "SCI"  Enquiries need specialist handling
See The Link Here
You need to get matters sorted out quickly -
sometimes within 60 days  -  so read on:-
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One satisfied customer said

"Having spent over 9 months trying to deal with an HMRC
offshore disclosure enquiry on my own, going nowhere and
getting more intrusive – Bill sorted it out in 3 months.

Not only dealing with what looked like a potentially large
CGT, but also turning this into a Tax Repayment!.

The whole episode was really a reflection on the time
wasting methods of HMRC, and the efficiency of Bill in
dealing with them."

RC Wales - July 2009.
Need help with the "Worldwide Disclosure Facility" ?

Then Bill has the experience from over 50 years specialising
in Tax Investigations of all kinds.

Ring him on 07751720507 for a short initial free chat.

Offshore Income concealment is serious stuff but you could
have the opportunity to get in with your "Contractual
Disclosure" and also potentially avoid having your name
shown in the "name and shame" web listing in the future if
you go forward to HMRC with a disclosure voluntarily and
before they come a knocking. Bill can help you with this and
advise on strategies to be engaged.
If you have an offshore Jersey/Isle of Man etc HSBC account
come clean and declare all your off-shore income  and
gains to HMRC.

From 1 April 2011, if you hide money in a country that does
not have an information exchange agreement with the UK
you can stand to suffer penalties of up
to 200% of the tax

If the tax evaded is £25,000 or more, HMRC may
publish the taxpayer's name and address
as part of
their name and shaming powers and even worse you could
be prosecuted. Bill has the experience to guide you out of
the maze (if at all possible)
No responsibility can be taken for any actions that the reader decides to take (or not take) after reading the text.  
The personal views of Bill set out on this page do not constitute tax advice and are presented for "enjoyment" only
by the reader

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money stashed offshore.

The Treasury has launched a campaign warning
offshore tax evaders that, from 2017, HMRC will start to
receive details of UK taxpayers with offshore accounts
and trusts from more than 90 countries, under new
worldwide agreements.

As part of the new regime, the Liechtenstein disclosure
facility will close on 31 December 2015. It will then be
replaced by a final, tougher facility from 2016.

Taxpayers who then evade tax on offshore monies will
face new harsher financial and possibly even criminal

HMRC receive and analyse loads of data to detect
people who are evading tax by exploiting offshore
structures for example companies and trusts etc

Switzerland has already signed an agreement with the
so that UK residents with assets held in Switzerland
either have to suffer a one off deduction (up to 41% of the
capital held at 2010 or 2012) or come clean to UK HMRC and
pay the tax interest AND PENALTIES.

Be careful however because if you have previously been
investigated and concealed the overseas assets or prepared
any false statement of assets you will be excluded from the
agreement - inevitably HMRC's Taxes Criminal Investigation
section will become interested......

Watch this space
Isle of Man and exchange of information
agreement is next

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