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Tax is always Taxing -
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Don't let them fool you
Various strategies are being employed by HMRC to
catch tax evaders - you are not safe if you've been
tax evading.

Click on the links below to see whether there is a
risk of you getting the infamous letter:-

New Task Forces to tackle
Lawyers - getting serious stuff here!!!

Panama Papers
If you had an account or company in Panama then
potentially HMRC may be building up a case to
tackle you. Get in before they come a knocking and
Bill can advise you on a strategy and the possible
repercussions of imitating an ostrich.

Pick up the phone and call Bill on 07751720507 -
we know how to always get you on a voluntary
disclosure with HMRC whatever you've done as
long as you get in before they send out any
challenge letter  .

Property Sales (and letting) - Letting Agents are
getting requests from HMRC for Landlords details
in April 2014 (and must supply them by law) you
know that they have all your details as a landlord
going forward - of course they'll ask about the past
as well.

Adult Entertainment Clubs and Workers -
Looks like they intend to strip you bare (of your
Restaurants and cash traders
The rag trade
The motor trade
Indoor and outdoor markets

(2) Ceased Campaigns
E-traders & E-Market
Electrician's Tax Safe Plan
Liechtenstein Facility

Get up to date news from HMRC on their campaigns

Current targets in various areas are :-
National -
Property Sales Campaign
National - VAT outstanding tax campaign
National - My Return Catch Up
London restaurants
North West restaurants
Scotland restaurants
London fast food franchise
London fraudulent repayments
North West landlords
North West construction
Scotland scrap metal
Scotland hot food takeaway
Scotland - Car traders
London - property transactions
South East Overdue Returns

Are you (or do you have ) a Dodgy Accountant?
HMRC now has powers targeted at
dishonest conduct by tax agents.

Legislation came in to force on 1 April 2013 to
align procedures across all taxes administered
by the Revenue except customs duty and tax
credits. The new rules will allow the department

•investigate dishonest conduct by tax agents;
•charge civil penalties of up to £50,000 where
there has been dishonest conduct; and
•publish the details of agents who are penalised.
Safeguards will include tribunal approval for
information requests and appeal rights.

Remember HMRC will not tell you why they are
targeting you but you might get some ideas from
the above and also
"Tax Hints & Alerts"

If you need any assistance or have any doubts
do not stress or lose sleep but call Bill on
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