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Things can go wrong with the best will in the world and
remember that the Worldwide Disclosure Facility carries no
special penalty or other discounts and does not carry an
immunity from prosecution so that you might be best served
looking to seek a
COP9 - Contractual Disclosure Facility  - as a
way of getting your disclosure made and cut down the risks of

Bill has extensive experience in both obtaining COP9 contracts
for clients and dealing with COP9 enquiries and if you would
want a chat
please call on 07751720507 or
drop an outline email to
Bill Stevenson
Your Offshore Banking
You need to consider the duties in the following areas which
can be very complex:-

Capital Gains Tax,
Corporation Tax,
Customs Duty
Income Tax,
Inheritance Tax,
National Insurance,
Residence and Domicile,
Stamp Duty,
Value Added Tax,

In fact all and any taxes have to be accounted for and within the
rules that exist for either 4; 6 or the whole 20 years (or such
lesser period if it hasn't been existing for that time.)

You need somebody who is experienced in these matters and  
over 41 years on HMRC's side with another 10 years defending
clients and getting commendable results on this side - see
Testimonials -  gives Bill and enviable and unequalled
expertise that you can get at very cost effective fees.

You also need to consider the level of penalties that will apply
e.g. ranging from Nil to more than 100% of the evaded duties
along with the various dates that things can and must be done.

You can of course authorise Bill Stevenson to cope with all the
aspects you need to consider and he will deal with it all to take
the stress away from you and let you get on with your business,
employment etc and life.

All Bill needs is your speedy and truthful help when called for
and a complete trust that he will reduce your tax, interest and
penalty bill to the lowest legally possible.

Bill enjoys and breathes his specialist subject -
Tax Investigations Great and Small - and is well equiped to
get you the best legal strategy and result for all past problems
whether this relates to a local office enquiry (an investigation by
any other name) or the most serious tax frauds investigated by
HMRC's Taxes Criminal and Fraud and Bespoke Avoidance

Be WARNED - You need to take this opportunity as HMRC
still hold information in relation to tax evaders from past
"amnesty" and campaigns and inevitably they will want to make
examples of somebody at some time. Make sure that it isn't you
and get experienced help from Bill Stevenson

Use the
Feedback Form to outline your potential problem and
get an initial free response from Bill

or just give him a call on 07751720507 for a short free initial
With your instruction
Use the
Feedback Form
to contact me with
a summary of your
I will carry out a
confidential risk review  
of your potential tax
liabilities or exposure
and discuss how  a
disclosure could be
managed to your benefit
Contact me:


Land line
01224 658962
Don't get it wrong
Bill Stevenson can help you
The Disclosure Opportunities
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One client in November 2017 said
"Bill is simply outstanding. His greatest strength is that he
understands the HMRC machinery; the nuance of
reading between the lines and the background as to how
they think/approach questions. Bill is deeply passionate.
Bill's approach is that if you are in the right then there is
a way to communicate with HMRC in a way that your
position is understood/structured within how HMRC
thinks, rather than how an average taxpayer thinks. Bill
also goes to the heart of the matter rather quickly-
focusing on the underlying key points- like a fine
barrister/QC who goes in front of a judge. To compare
Bill's service to a Big 4 accounting firm would be a
disservice to Bill. Bill's intimate understanding of the
HMRC machinery, is like having a Formula 1 mechanic
help you solve problems with your VW. Bill is simply in his
own category when it comes to professionalism, dealing
with matters in a swift manner and developing a nuanced
approach that only former HMRC senior executive can.
The most outstanding tax professional I have come

Another said
"I can’t recommend Bill Stevenson’s services more highly.

Having spent over 9 months trying to deal with an HMRC
offshore disclosure enquiry on my own, going nowhere
and getting more intrusive – Bill sorted it out in 3 months.

Not only dealing with what looked like a potentially large
CGT, but also turning this into a Tax Repayment!.

The whole episode was really a reflection on the time
wasting methods of HMRC, and the efficiency of Bill in
dealing with them.
RC Wales - July 2009.

Another client says:-
I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. If ever I am
unfortunate enough to suffer another enquiry, Bill will be
the first person I call.

After quite a few sleepless nights contemplating my plan
of action and how to get out of the mess I had landed
myself. I had a chat with Bill and he laid down the options
and possible outcomes.

To cut a long story short... At the end of the day I was
astonished with the 'nil' result that he achieved.

Many thanks Bill, appreciated.

P. - July 2009
The latest Voluntary Disclosure Opportunity is what is called the
Worldwide Disclosure Facility that opened in September
2016 after all the other offshore campaigns closed on 31st
December 2015.
YOU Need To Act BEFORE  30th September 2018

It is open to anyone with unpaid or omitted tax relating to:
•income arising from a source in a territory outside the UK
•assets situated or held in a territory outside the UK
•activities carried on wholly or mainly in a territory outside the
•anything having effect as if it were income, assets or activities
of a kind described above

So if you have salted monies away outside the UK you may
have early fear of discovery and should think about this as
soon as possible.
If you need reliable assistance to get it right first time
             engage Bill on 07751720507