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About me
About Me
Bill gained his considerable experience in TAX
Investigation work of all types while working on the dark
side (Inland Revenue now called HM Revenue & Inspector
of Taxes - Grade B1 - ( he wasn't political enough to go to
the top and Band A) but relished the freedom of leading Tax
Investigation teams (including Large Business, Corporation
tax along with Offshore Tax Evasion and  Proceeds of
Crime etc

He was at various times over his 41 years to 2006:-
a District Inspector,

Enquiry Branch (now called Fraud Investigation Service and
previously Civil Investigation of Fraud and Contractual
Disclosure Facility or COP9), Senior Investigator

Offshore Team Consultant,

Investigation Team Leader,

Training Mentor for Fully Trained Inspectors

POCA "Proceeds of Crime" Team Leader for Scotland


latterly being involved in setting up the Wales Scotland &
Northern Ireland CIF Teams including dealing with multi
million pound businesses and enquiries

All this before jumping to the good side to make his
expertise and HMRC's secrets and solutions available to
people caught up in Tax Investigations or technical
arguments. Bill can deliver what he promises and does not
promise what he cannot deliver.

He has therefore vast experience in dealing with all
aspects of negotiating tax  liabilities and tax inspections
and enquiries of :-

  • Employees (including high wealth and directors
    of both small and quoted companies),

  • Self employed (individuals and partnerships),

  • Companies  (both close - large or small - and
    quoted companies)

Bill Stevenson is well equipped to help you
(either independently or in conjunction with your
present accountant or adviser) from the start of
your enquiry to settlement
Bill Stevenson
Ex-HMRC Tax Investigation
and Enquiry Specialist
My Mission
To help you resolve your
enquiry as speedily and as
cheaply as I can using all
the knowledge; HMRC
secrets and expertise of
this ex-Revenue
gamekeeper enjoying being
on the right side
You will find that I will never be judgemental and will work with you to
get the best possible result within the law
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  •  I have worked at all levels in the "old Revenue" department and for the last 30 years to 2006  
    had been doing Investigation and Technical work at the highest levels in Specialist and Local
    Compliance Offices

  •  I spent 6 years in the Specialised Inland Revenue Enquiry Branch - Now made up of Fraud
    Investigation Service - Civil Investigation of Fraud teams and Taxes Criminal or Serious Criminal
    Investigation offices - that dealt with all the worst (and best depending on how you look at it) IR
    serious non compliance and fraud cases

  •  During different periods I was an Officer in Charge /District Inspector in various offices in
    Scotland & England  with all that involved including conducting personal appeal hearings before
    various bodies of  Commissioners

  • From 1997 I was responsible for leading multi grade teams of direct tax revenue investigators in
    Aberdeen, Glasgow and Scotland North on both Large Business
    (companies/partnerships/individuals) and Specialised (Offshore and POCA) Teams

  • Part of my duties was to mentor and assist with the training of  "high fliers" ( Revenue leaders
    of the future) and other inspectors so that I can tell you how it is and know how "they"  tick.

  • I was involved in the initial  preparations and considerations for integrated "direct" and
    "indirect" (the new names for old IR & VAT Offices)  Code of Practice 9 enquiry work being
    undertaken in Local Compliance  within Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland in the now Fraud
    Investigation Service previously CIF (Civil Investigation of Fraud) teams.

  • I am therefore ideally placed to take disclosures to HMRC on your behalf, undertake and submit
    disclosure reports for  you. I can also advise you on the best commercial strategy to employ in
    dealing with HMRC within the law if that is the way you wish to go.

  • Having given up the gamekeeper's mantle I wholeheartedly defend you and
    without being judgemental work for you to take the hassle and stress out of
    your HMRC Enquiry.

  • Tax Doesn't have to be taxing but it is
  • and can be stressful if not managed correctly
  • Don't lie awake losing sleep
  • Contact Bill on 07751720507
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