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Bill does not judge anyone and has the experience to
deal with HMRC at all levels including the most serious
of cases
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Remember that where fraud is involved it is not only income tax
or corporation tax or VAT that HMRC are interested in.

You also have to think about National Insurance,
Residence and Domicile,
Stamp Duty,
Value Added Tax,
Inheritance Tax
Tax Credits

In fact all and any taxes have to be accounted for and within the
rules that existed for the whole 20 years (or such lesser period
if it hasn't been existing for that time.)

Full disclosure and cooperation can substantially reduce the
penalties that HMRC can seek and this is also one way to limit
the risk of your name appearing on the "name & shame tax
evader" list on the HMRC website.  

You can of course authorise Bill Stevenson to cope with all the
aspects you need to consider and he will deal with it all to take
the stress away from you and let you get on with your business,
employment etc and life. All Bill needs is your speedy help when
called for and a complete trust that he will reduce your tax,
interest and penalty bill to the lowest legally possible.

Bill Stevenson can protect your rights in any enquiry and
ensure that you get it correct. He also does not judge
anyone so that you can be quite frank in relation to your

Be WARNED - You need to take the opportunity as soon
as you can and realise that you have a disclosure to make as
HMRC still hold information in relation to tax evaders from
previous amnesties and whistleblowing and inevitably they will
want to make examples of somebody at some time.

Make sure that it isn't you and get experienced help from Bill

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Bill helped me by not only settling a complex CGT
situation , but also turning this into a Tax Repayment!.
The whole episode was really a reflection on the time
wasting methods of HMRC, and the efficiency of Bill in
dealing with them.
RC Wales - July 2009.

Another client says:-
I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. If ever I am
unfortunate enough to suffer another enquiry, Bill will be
the first person I call.

After quite a few sleepless nights contemplating my plan
of action and how to get out of the mess I had landed
myself. I had a chat with Bill and he laid down the options
and possible outcomes.

To cut a long story short... At the end of the day I was
astonished with the 'nil' result that he achieved.

Many thanks Bill, appreciated.

P. - July 2009

Coming to a letter box near you:-

Capital Gains Tax -
We have information that you disposed of a property......".

Yes they have trawled all the Property registers - and even
estate agents particulars - and if you have disposed of a
property at any time and not told HMRC about it you can expect
to open such a letter at some time in the future if you don't take
up the forthcoming disclosure opportunity.

Bill enjoys property Capital gains tax and there can be  
opportunities to keep your tax bill down low, which in turn
reduces the interest and penalty you would have to pay. Get
expert help at a reasonable fee in this area - see what one
client said previously on the right
phone Bill on 0775 172 0507  

Taking these opportunities can have distinct advantages in
reducing penalties and even making sure that HMRC do not
"name and shame" you where duties unpaid exceed £25,000.
No responsibility can be taken for any actions that the reader decides to take (or not take) after reading the text
and articles on this website unless you engage with the company and Bill Stevenson on a proper fee paying
client/tax adviser basis.
The personal views of Bill set out on this page do not constitute tax advice and are presented for enjoyment only
by the reader

WAMS Tax Ltd - Bill Stevenson - 07751 720 507

It is difficult sometimes to keep up with all the interest from
HMRC in Swiss Offshore banking accounts.
with a list of account data identifying 4,388 British-based people
holding 699 million pounds in current accounts will no doubt
have given them something to chew on. The list reportedly
included celebrities, bankers, doctors, mining and oil executives
and oil workers. It also included about 4,000 account holders
with addresses outside Britain. We also now have the Swiss
agreement that will bring HMRC swooping after April 2013.
Now is the time to get in on the ground floor and make a
voluntary disclosure

Also if you have had an account or monies invested in
Panama and not disclosed all your income in respect of
those monies you will be under scrutiny.

If you have offshore accounts and/or assets get Bill's
help on 0775 172 0507 by getting in before HMRC come a

This can have distinct advantages in reducing penalties and
even making sure that HMRC do not "name and shame" you
where duties unpaid exceed £25,000.