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May 2011 - HMRC targets Restaurants for tax
Starting in London first and then moving north in
the summer. Get Bill's help by phoning him on 07751 720
507. CIF work needs experienced handling and they are

HMRC are also still after the Medical profession
after the "amnesty" called the THP (The Health Plan)
-  WAMS is aware of one recent "dawn raid" on a
medical professional
that shows that HMRC are taking
forward their intention to prosecute people - especially
professionals - who have lied to them in previous
Get Bill's help before you get that knock
on the door Phone 07751720507

Earlier News:-
HMRC's rumours have materialised -
(a) Firstly a second Tax Amnesty on more Offshore
Banking Accounts -
Called the New Disclosure Opportunity – started on
1st September 2009 and ended 12th March 2010
They are now pursuing the next batch of banks but you can
get assistance with your full disclosure via Bill Stevenson
before they decide to look at any disclosure you decide to
make -
Act NOW - consult Bill !! - 07751720507

(b) Secondly they're looking to find the right cases to
prosecute for failure to react to the previous
amnesty of June/November 2007:-
I consider that these would be previous “investigation
cases” where the person investigated lied about or
concealed offshore assets when they were under enquiry
before. Remember
Lester Piggot -even this household
name couldn't get off. But Bill can help you to avoid the
"LP"  trap

Lichtenstein signed an agreement with the UK to clean
up the offshore accounts and anstalts and trusts etc and
campaign to let you come forward and make a voluntary
disclosure. If you need assistance to ensure you get it right
Consult Bill now.

(d) Footballers - using EBT & Image Rights & Loans to
avoid 50% tax rates. Of course now they can use their win
in the Rangers EBT case to hit you with a bill.

This article hopefully brings to your attention
(i) something that you need to act on now
(ii) or a possible initiative that tax advisers could apply to
their current clients.

However before reading on please remember that
since July 2008 the EU withholding tax has rocketed
from the paltry 15% to a more worthwhile 20% and
now sits at 35% which will make it even less
profitable to “take the chance” with salting monies

OK read on: (if the above has not grabbed your attention)
Find out the rumours and topical things

We all probably have seen the two sides to the amnesty with
(1) some clients worrying and losing sleep needlessly
(2) on the opposite side others are burying their head in the sand until that fateful letter
arrives on their mat with the "we have information......" well used phrase on the first page.

(3) Worse still of course inaction might result in a TAX RAID with little prior warning and the
subsequent feeling of the collar and taped meeting(s).

Given that most tax advisers will be linking up with their clients to get the next batch of
into the processing system by 31st January, why don't you include a gentle
reminder to each client just pointing out that :-
That you are trying to keep them abreast of developments on the tax front and two matters
are current, namely,

"HMRC have in the past opened up tax amnesties for
Offshore Bank accounts - just in
case you (the client)  haven’t heard of the last one - and if there was anything that you felt
that you needed to bring to our attention in relation to this or any other aspect of your tax
liabilities for past years now would probably be an appropriate time to bring it up for

You could also point out that
"HMRC were issuing requests to
Letting Agents in April 2014 for details of the landlords on
their books and the rentals collected in the year ended 5th April 2014. The requests advised
the Letting Agent that it was not a check on their tax liabilities so clearly it was information
gathering for tracking
Landlords and their compliance (or otherwise). If you think you might
have a problem in this area please get in touch "

OK some advisers might think that this would prejudice their relationship with their client but
given that HMRC might be looking to find a suitable case or two to prosecute  this could just
be the initiative that saves a client (and possibly yourself) a whole heap of trouble and costly
fees in due course.

If you are a taxpayer or tax evader without an adviser  and you have understated your
income in the past (or trusted somebody that sold you a too good to be true "tax avoidance"
scheme) then bear the above in mind and take advice from somebody that knows what to
Bill Stevenson has the experience and ability to broker the approaches to HMRC
and to hopefully get you
{or the client} the best deal going and in some potential
prosecution cases CIF immunity from prosecution under COP9.

Please contact him as soon as possible for any second opinion or assistance in taking such
problems forward. The earlier a problem is recognised the easier it usually is to deal with.

Use the
Form to get in touch and see what could be done.

No need to incur Big Four costs and fees for Big Four Expertise - Bill doesn't have
their overheads.

Bill Stevenson of WAMS Tax Ltd is here to help - Ring 07751720507 now
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reader decides to take (or not take) after reading the text and articles unless you engage
with the company and Bill Stevenson on a proper fee paying client/tax adviser basis.

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HMRC Lose by Getting their dates wrong:- now we
can expect HMRC to lodge an appeal to the Upper
Tribunal against the FTT's justified decision to rule against
HMRC where they got their dates wrong and tried to say
that it was a simple mistake and should be ignored in
opening a tax enquiry. See the case of
Mabbutt v HMRC

January 2012 -Contractual Disclosure Facility takes
over where COP9 went before. Your enquiry will be one
where HMRC have information that suggests that you
have been involved in fraud or fraudulent tax evasion -
you need to get urgent
(there are time limits to comply
and detailed help to avoid potential prosecution.
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PARTNERSHIP discovery point
so now we have a fairer
hypothetical Inspector to consider again. Any discovery
arguments or problems
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Previously HMRC lose home to site mileage expenses
in front of the tribunal. Self employed electrician wins
home to site expenses claims  and can be found at the
following link

Feel free to contact Bill on 07751720507 if you think
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