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Useful Links
the Employment Status Indicator at the bottom
of the page below as an example

If you have a tax problem engage Bill on
The taxman can go back 20 years if he
discovers that tax has been deliberately
evaded for that period.
If you want to contact me please
use the email link below:
Inland Revenue
browse through HMRC manuals
Tax Evasion Hotline
Someone could have "shopped you" to this
Under the self assessment rules HMRC doesn't
have to tell you its reasons for enquiry. But there
are ways to force it out


Land line
01224 658962
Individuals and Employees section
Access to the HMRC section for Individuals &
Employers Section
Access the HMRC&C section for Employers - see
basics and how to .......
Businesses Corporations Partnerships Trusts.....
The Budget
Access the latest Budget information .........
EU Clamps down on Tax Evasion
They are all now exchanging information from
overseas with the HMRC re offshore assets and
will get to know about your investments and
offshore structures of all kinds (e.g.
companies;trusts & partnerships etc.
Manage any disclosure to HMRC that is needed.
HERE to contact me
Access the HMRC news releases etc regarding tax
evaders and sentences etc
Use the calculator link above to get a rough
estimate of your tax liability for any year

Let Bill Help you

If you have an HMRC Status problem feel free
to contact Bill for assistance on 07751720507
Remember and be truthful when you use the tool
otherwise you may be deceiving yourself
HMRC Campaigns
Access the HMRC advice regarding the new
voluntary disclosures facility and get from a Nil or
10% or 20% penalty. Bill can advise on the best
way to take your disclosure forward. Get in before
they come to you and stop losing sleep.....
engage Bill on 07751720507
Tax Insider Magazine
Check out if HMRC are after your tax avoidance
scheme - Is it really worth it
Tax Avoidance -  HMRC Spotlights
View our details in the FreeIndex Tax Investigation directory.

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Inland Revenue
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