Bill can broker any voluntary disclosure to HMRC

Under this scheme you have to tell HMRC about all
understatements and you would pay a lower than normal

Also if you found that you couldn't afford to pay what you owe
Bill will assist in getting you to spread your payments depending
on your circumstances.

It is likely that most people will only have to pay HMRC at most
up to six tax years unless of course HMRC consider that you
had intentionally/deliberately failed to declare all your past
income or you failed to notify your chargeability before 2006.

These plans are basically giving you a 'fresh start' after you
have paid the appropriate dues for the past errors.

If you decide to take advantage of the campaigns you can stop
worrying about what might have happened had HMRC found
out that you'd not been telling them about all of your income.
It's a chance to start getting things right from now on,
whilst knowing exactly how much it's going to cost to
sort out things for the past.

You can of course authorise Bill Stevenson to cope with all the
aspects you need to consider and he will deal with it all to take
the stress away from you and let you get on with your business,
employment etc and life.

All Bill needs is your honesty and speedy assistance in getting
the underlying facts  when called for and a complete trust that
he will reduce your tax, interest and penalty bill to the lowest
legally possible.

Time is however short.  Remember Bill and you need to get
considerable amounts of information to complete your
disclosure, calculate your dues and get the various forms
completed so you need to act now.

Bill Stevenson can protect your rights in any enquiry and
ensure that you get it correct. After all you do not want
HMRC refusing to accept your disclsoure or having two
bites at the cherry

Be WARNED - HMRC still hold information in relation to tax
evaders from the last "amnesty" and you will not be able to use
this facility if you did not take up a previous one that was
applicable.  Make sure that you get it right and get experienced
help from Bill Stevenson

Use the
Feedback Form to outline your potential problem and
get an initial free response from Bill
or just give him a call on 07751720507 anytime 24/7

Don't DIY and get it wrong
Bill Stevenson can help you
Phone 07751 720 507 anytime for a confidential chat
Yet another Tax Amnesty in 2012 -
Direct Selling Traders and Wider Voluntary
Disclosure Opportunity
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Another scheme to generate money for the Exchequer as
from 26th September 2012. There's always one on the go
and Bill can advise and help

This was a simple process and could be done online, by
phone or by post. However
it has been overtaken by the
"Credit Card" Campaign where irrespective of what wrong
you have done you can make a voluntary disclosure of that
tax evasion as long as you accepted credit cards for
receiving sales turnover.
Once you have done this you will be able to go back to
sleeping at nights

For more information see
Credit Card Campaign

If you've not yet told HMRC that you have started
working for yourself or you've not told them about all
your income, you probably won't have paid the right
amount of tax.

If that's the case, then even if you don't accept credit
cards it should be possible to get you on to a voluntary
campaign if you give Bill a call . It is never too late - do
it now with Bill's assistance and contacts

If you need reliable assistance to get it sorted within the tight
time limits (see below)  
engage Bill on 07751 720 507

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