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Why Use Me?
Why Use Me?
You get the experience of strategies gained from years
of experience working on both sides and especially
defending clients to ensure that prosecution does not
arise. With full cooperation and honesty we will see
your enquiry closed as early as possible if we decide
that we should work together.

Importantly WAMS Tax Ltd is not registered for VAT so
the price quoted is the price you pay. No extra 20%  to
be paid by you for me to just pass on to the
government if we engage directly with each other. I
object to being an unpaid tax collector. No large up
front payment before any work has been done (unlike
other "experts")

You will find that I do not judge anybody and
concentrate solely on getting you the best possible
outcome for your enquiry.

I will however need you to be completely forthright in
our discussions and to fairly reward me for my services
and expertise. In return all the stress of the enquiry will
be taken on by me leaving you to get on with your
business or other  interests but helping me where
Trust me I was a Taxman (Ok corny or what).

If you are a professional tax adviser or
accountant (including other
professionals) looking for help
My background (and perhaps even your experiences
when we last met) will be enough to tell you that you
won't get any better help in achieving an effective and
pragmatic result for your client aided by my strong
negotiating skills.
This sort of experience would normally only be
available to you at a "Big 4" fee. However, I don't have
the overheads to charge for so it will be the best value
product available. See some of the
Testimonials that
clients felt able to provide. My apologies to the others
that haven't yet featured

Penalties - It was always possible to get penalties
negated by proving reasonable care or excuse and in
addition nowadays it is also possible in some instances
to get "careless" penalties from April 2009 suspended
for up to two years and then cancelled.

This needs careful handling however and is a reason
for using tax investigation specialists like myself. HMRC
does not and cannot expect perfection so there is now
even more room for using appropriate expertise to eke
out the truth and present it to your advantage.  

Of course you might never see or realise the difference
if you use someone that doesn't know what it is all
about. After all you cannot be expected to know all the
rules and limits HMRC can go to.

You may end up paying for fees for nothing and even
worse paying more than you really needed to pay
HMRC if the enquiry had been handled by an
experienced investigation specialist from the outset.

I have put a couple of tasters below for you to consider
but remember I am not going to highlight all avenues
and potential secrets for getting you the best deal as I
am not here to educate other professionals for free.  

Penalties Outline to consider - The penalty regime
for errors in tax returns, etc. (FA 2007, Sch 24)
includes an important potential ‘let-out’ from penalties
in certain circumstances. HM Revenue and Customs
(HMRC) has the power to suspend penalties in cases
involving ‘careless’ errors (Sch 24, para 14). If you
satisfy the suspension conditions set throughout that
period, the suspended penalty is cancelled.

Need it considered call me on 07751720507 it could be
a money saver. But remember we need complete
honesty and realistic appreciation from the start.

Now Get in with your voluntary disclosure before
they come a calling -
You can get lower penalties (and escape publicity as a
serious defaulter)  from full (but measured and
appropriate) cooperation and voluntary disclosures. Bill
knows who best to contact to get the better results.

There will inevitably be other opportunities if you have
done anything wrong in the past and want to get on the
right track
in the cheapest possible way. However even
now early action would get you lower penalties and if it
was not deliberate tax evasion you might even get away
without a penalty ultimately - see
penalties outline

Consult Bill on 07751720507 at any time. Initial
consultation free but remember that if you
already have a professional adviser I won't steal
their bread and butter.

Soon it will be the "accountant" under scrutiny -
OK it's arrived already and professional advisers
can get £50K penalties
if they have initiated or aided
in any tax  frauds - assuming of course that HMRC do
not or cannot prosecute you. So get ready before the
time so that it is not a rush with a short timescale.
Ensure that you have the time to get the evidence
needed to minimise your bill.
Consult Bill on 07751720507

Even if you failed to take up one of the
previous amnesties Bill can help you.You will not
be disappointed.

Phone anytime (literally 24/7)on 07751720507
for your free and confidential consultation
Bill Stevenson -
Managing Director
0775 172 0507

Bill Stevenson
He can do it for you!!
My Aim will be to get
you a pragmatic result  
in the shortest time I
can and letting you get
on with your business
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