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Bill Stevenson

Client's Rating 5/5/5 (Cost/customer service/quality)-
Despite having paid up to date every penny of tax due,out of the blue early last year, we
were hit with a Cop9 enquiry, for no reason we could think of. After researching tax advice
on the net I phoned Bill Stevenson of WAMSTAX mainly because, from testimonials, I could
see he had some knowledge of our industry. Within 10 months, after he had gone through
our books with a fine toothcomb and satisfied himself they were in order and that there was
no case to answer, he obtained closure of the case with no tax or penalties to pay. I would
have no hesitation in recommending Bill to anyone who has a problem with HMRC and
would only add that his charges were very reasonable too.
SMac Scotland - January 2016

Client's Rating 5/5/5 (Cost/customer service/quality)-
After receiving a very serious looking COP 9 HMRC Letter, with no knowledge of what to do
I looked on the internet and found WAMS.
After reading about Bills background, I was confident that I had found the right person to
help us out.
I contacted him by email and to my surprise he phoned me that very same night.
He prepared us for the meetings and took the worry and stress out of the whole ordeal.
We found Bill put to shame a very large tax advice company with his vast knowledge,
expertise and 100% dedication, and managed to ascertain a result we thought not possible.
I like his straight to the point attitude and thoroughly enjoyed his company.
Don't bother looking anywhere else, Bill is your man.
SMcD - Scotland - May 2013

Client's Rating 5/5/5 (Cost/customer service/quality)-
Bill helped me immensely in settling a long running nightmare with the Inland Revenue
following an investigation relating to unpaid Capital Gain Tax. Bill provided me with the right
advice to minimise settlement following their assessment which saved us a considerable
amount of money. This advice was invaluable and finalised the dispute"...
CP Middx

Client's Rating 5/5 -
“ The Revenue launched an enquiry after they were dissatisfied with my
. I knew there were problems and particularly as a professional man I was
terrified. Having floundered around for a week or two looking at the different websites, that
offered expertise for those in my predicament, I took the plunge and phoned Bill. His
number was top of the list I had made and I'm glad it was. After an initial discussion on the
phone, Bill agreed to meet me. He was totally non-judgemental, he made the ground rules
clear - absolute honesty with him or he would walk away - and it was clear that he had an
encyclopaedic knowledge of tax and of how the HMRC system worked.
It seems to me the Revenue recognise his qualities and all the patient, laborious work he
did on my rather messy affairs paid off with acceptance of his workings and a penalty that
was very much at the bottom end of expectations. If you are looking for a highly effective
tax professional, whom you can confidently work with towards an optimal solution look no
further than Bill Stevenson.”  …
Dr LC.

Client's Rating 5/5/5 -
Bill recently handled a tax investigation which spanned the period pre 2000 to 2009. The
whole business had become extremely stressful with demands for information which we did
not have. All the difficulty was removed by having Bill on the case. He tracked down missing
records where available and dealt directly with HMRC keeping us informed along the way.
Whilst the outcome was not without some pain I am convinced that we would not have
reached closure or achieved settlement in such an advantageous manner without his
services. If I ever have a serious tax issue again Bill will be my first call...
AJL Isle of Wight

IR35 case -
I am a qualified Accountant with a small but growing practice. I had an investigation (IR35)
into one of my clients which had been ongoing for some 18 months. Bill was recommended
by a colleague and I engaged him as an external tax consultant. He was very
knowledgeable and effective. His revenue background meant he knew the best approach
to take.
Suffice to say, under Bill's supervision, we presented our case in a more targeted manner.
The result was that the investigating officer threw in the towel and my client paid no
additional tax or penalties. I wouldn't hesitate to use Bill Again
ACCA Sole Practitioner - Scotland

I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. If ever I am unfortunate enough to suffer another
enquiry, Bill will be the first person I call.
After quite a few sleepless nights contemplating my plan of action and how to get out of the
mess I had landed myself. I had a chat with Bill and he laid down the options and possible
To cut a long story short... At the end of the day I was astonished with the 'nil' result that he
Many thanks Bill, appreciated.
P. - Spain

I can’t recommend Bill Stevenson’s services more highly. Having spent over 9 months
trying to deal with an HMRC offshore disclosure enquiry on my own, going nowhere and
getting more intrusive – Bill sorted it out in 3 months.
Not only dealing with what looked like a potentially
large CGT, but also turning this into a
Tax Repayment!.
The whole episode was really a reflection on the time wasting methods of HMRC, and the
efficiency of Bill in dealing with them.
RC - Wales.

Client's Score for WAMS Tax  - 5.0 out of 5
I would not hesitate to recommend Bill Stevenson to you.  Bill is easy to get along with, he
keeps everything at an easy-to-understand level, and as a result of his previous
experience is second to none when it comes to interacting with HMRC.
.... Don’t even consider going into a Tax Enquiry without first running everything past Bill
.....Tax Enquiry? - Don’t Go It Alone, Bill Stevenson’s Your Man!
......there is no way that we could have made a better choice.
P & C - Scotland

Client's Score for WAMS Tax  - 5.0 out of 5
Bill Stevenson of WAMS Tax Ltd provided me with advice relating to HMRC enquiries into
two Ltd companies and also an HMRC enquiry into my own personal tax return.
Advice on one single technical issue which the Inspector was trying to raise an assessment
on helped result in the Inspector backing down and saving approximately £30,000 in tax.
Throughout the enquiries Bill was pointing out mistakes made by the Inspector and raising
arguments against the Inspectors assertions. The end result was a very low settlement
achieved over a very reasonable time period.
I would happily recommend Bills services.
John - England

This is a small company with big company knowlege that is second to none. I first found
WAMS Tax on the internet. After contacting Bill Stevenson we had a meeting and I decided
this was the man that could help with my tax problem. Bill took control of my problem from
day one; he kept me informed of progress all the time and he was always reachable seven
days at any time. I found the service excellent and he was a very nice honest guy to work
Kevin - Aberdeen

Client's Score for WAMS Tax - 5.0 out of 5
Mr Stevenson is a straight talking ,articulate individual who will no doubt provide you with a
service second to none . As a senior ex investigator I found him to be both knowledgeable
and insightful in all aspects of the troubled times you may face . If you are having any
problems with investigation my only advice is to call him immediately without question as
you will be doing yourself a great service in return ....... 100% reliable & honest!
Colin - Glasgow

Client's Score for WAMS Tax  - 5.0 out of 5
WAMS Tax very efficiently dealt with a Tax Investigation during which I could see WAMS
had a high level of expertise and vast experience. I was kept informed all the way through
the process without having to worry about HMRC. The outcome and savings I made put
WAMS fee as negligible. No hesitation in recommending WAMS excellent services
Billy Nbg EU

Client's Score for WAMS Tax  - 5.0 out of 5
WAMS Tax (Bill Stevenson) did really save me a lot of time and energy. Bill dealt with all
enquires from the word go and re-calculated all my letting income for myself and my other
half. I am really grateful for his efforts.
Mo. Midlands

Client's Score for WAMS Tax - 5.0 out of 5
I contacted WAMS Tax Ltd early in 2007 with respect to serious concerns I had, regarding
my tax position on offshore savings, subsequent to HMRC's announcement of an offshore
A personal meeting was arranged and held with Mr. Bill Stevenson.
Mr. Stevenson from the outset was professional in a relaxed way and, after laying down the
ground rules to protect both his and my integrity, he quickly put me at my ease and I found
it very easy to explain my concerns.
After the facts were put before him he advised me efficiently and in detail on how to
proceed and to gather the full data required to make a professional judgement of my
On review of this data he was able to quickly allay my concerns and as eventually proved
to be the case they were unfounded after he advised me on making a disclosure to HMRC.

Without the professional advice and guidance offered by WAMS Tax Ltd. I fear I would
have been floundering on this issue.
Overall I found Mr. Stevenson to be efficient and friendly and it was a pleasure to deal with
David C - North Scotland

Wams Tax were exceptional from start to finish.
I would highly recommend Wams Tax Limited to anyone requiring their services for either
themselves or their business.
My special thanks to Bill, who understood our concerns and acted fantastically.
What more can I say...Exceptional Company.
Louise - Director - South England

Really great communication and comprehensive assesment of my tax situation. Prepared
really well so that when reports submitted to HMRC no nasty surprises and outcome was
very positive in reducing penalties to the minimum.
I would highly recommend for anyone with a sizeable tax investigation or enquiry to manage,
Mark - Midlands
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